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Nelson Mandela Capture Site

Nelson Mandela is the late former president of South Africa. But, he earned his acclaim based more on his efforts to establish racial, social and political equality in a South Africa that had been ravaged by the harmful effects of the Apartheid regime. The Nelson Mandela Capture Site is a cultural and historical exhibition that is situated at the site at which Nelson Mandela was apprehended for his anti-Apartheid activism acts in August 1952. 

The sculpture at the Nelson Mandela Capture Site comprises 50 steel columns that are between six and 9.5 metres in height and cover a width of almost 30 metres. The columns line up so that, at a specific angle, they create a two-dimensional image of Mr Mandela. So dramatic is the effect that it can be seen from 30 metres away. This monument is situated at the end of a winding path representing the long walk to freedom that Mandela took towards his goal of political equality. 

This is the largest artwork using this methodology of laser-cut metal beams in the country. 

The Nelson Mandela Capture Site is open from Monday to Sunday, 09h00 to 16h00.


Howick Falls

Howick Falls
This view is from the Yellowood Café.

Howick Falls is just 20-minute drive away with a breath taking 365 ft of water cascading down. This beautiful natural wonder is a must-see.

Another name for the Howick Falls is KwaNogqaza, the 'place of the tall one', for obvious reasons – the waterfall is a 95 metre cascade into a broiling, restless pool, regarded by the local Zulus with grave superstition and said to be the place of the spirits of ancestors. Local legend believes that a giant snake-like creature lives in the pool of water and, probably because of this, only sangomas are safe when close to the falls.


Yellowwood Cafe Milkshake


Visit the Yellowwood Café for a beautiful view of the Falls.  Yellowwood is a family restaurant with miniature horses, Dexter cattle, pot belly pigs, miniature goats and very rare miniature donkeys.  There are also guinae pigs, rabbits and bantam chickens for the entertainment and delight of young guests.  The large garden area, small bike track and jungle gyms are all available for children and a fairy and gnome garden will also keep them busy.

The a la carte menu includes roasts and curries on weekends and more special treats are often whipped up and reflected on the board.  The childrens' menu is extensive. 

Meals can be eaten outdoors  in the garden under the trees over looking the falls or indoors where one can soak up the ambiance of times gone by.


Michaelhouse – Spud’s school

Michaelhouse School


Well worth a stop to view the impeccable grounds, wander the red-brick and ivy-clad cloisters with their babbling fountains and view the exquisite chapel with its world-famous Ervin Bossányi stained glass Rose window. Michaelhouse puts the movie and books well into perspective.